Brilliance Of Evolution Research Paper

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Abram Repeki
Dr. Murray
27 September 2017
Brilliance of evolution Evolution is the change in population over time (Romero, Audeskirk & Audeskirk, 2011). I believe evolution is one of the most interesting topics of biology. Evolution not only occurs within humans, but every living thing on earth. Evolution also deals with natural selection. Natural selection is to evolution, as Saipan is to the Micronesian Islands. When dealing with evolution, there’s always a part where natural selection takes place.
Natural Selection Natural selection drives evolution because the response the environment has to certain genes determine if the gene will be passed down. For example, the peppered moths that are found in Britain were originally black
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(left to right) From Chikorita to Bayleef to Meganium evolution (MightyMagikarp, 2017).

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