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Brilliant Lies - Original Script Writing Act One Scene One 1. The case between Susy and Gary is one where it is one's words against another. 2. From the first scene it would appear that Susy has got her heart set on getting 40 thousand dollars from the case. One would also get the impression that she is a slut and a bit of a player. Scene Two ========= 1. Gary is an uptight and aggressive character. Vince would appear to be lay back and nice. They however both agree that the sexual harassment laws are out to get middle class white males. Gary says "Damned if you do, damned if you don't", which mean even if you…show more content…
3. The Connor family is critical of each other. The father sexually abused his daughters at an age when they where developing into young ladies. Scene Four ========== 1. When Marion tells Susy that Vince and Gary said she made many private phone calls, slept at her desk and told married women about her drug taking Susy said "Oh shit! Did they say that?". She obviously was not expecting them to tell Marion about those things. Williamson wants us to know that neither side is telling the complete truth. He wants us to decide what the truth is, if we ever do know the real truth! Scene Five ========== 1. Gary believes that Gay Armenians and Lesbian Turks are dictating the moral agenda. 2. Vince is not so sure that Gary is innocent of these allegations of sexual harassment. Also Vince saw Gary having launch with some Merchant Bankers and does not believe it when Gary says that they are some old college friends. This develops a rift between the two. Scene Six ========= 1. Williamson is trying to present Susy as a liar and a lazy person and someone who think of herself as 'sex goddess'. Katie is presented as someone who would not usually lie, but could be talked into lying. Scene Seven =========== 1. Brian has molested his daughters, lost million of dollars on

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