Bring It On ! Volume Four

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What would you do if you found out your boyfriend was cheating on you with your cousin? This is what Mi-Ha experienced in Bring it on! Volume four. Bring it on! Volume four continues the story about Mi-Ha’s first love. Starting with the accident in the locker room (volume one), Mi-Ha and Seung-Suh gets closer every page. After the trick Yun-Jin (Mi-Ha’s cousin) pulled off (volume three), everything changed between Seung-Suh and Mi-Ha. This book is a continuation of Mi-Ha and Seung-Suh’s story, filled with laughter, sadness, excitement, and true friendship.

I really enjoyed reading this book. One of the main things that pleased me was the personality of the characters. Baek HyeKyung (the author) made Yun-Jin, Mi-Ha, and Seung-Suh very strong characters with
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Volume four is a great book, however, there are still two things that I didn’t like about the book. The biggest one is the drawings. At some parts of the book, the author drew stick figures or “easy“ face expressions. This is a con because some of the undetailed drawing made the story a little bit confusing, making the story unable to fulfill its full potential. Another con about this book is the stories on the back. Instead of telling more about Mi-Ha and Seung-Suh’s story, the author added a short story to promote another series of books. This is a con because since I bought this book, it pissed me off to see the author cut the story (Mi-Ha and Seung-Suh’s) short. Despite its cons, I would still recommend this book to people ages 14 and above. This is a great book that will surely bring the audience joy. People who reached the age 14 are usually very stressed about their daily lives, so I hope they can find enjoyment while reading this book. Overall, I would recommend this book to everyone. Mi-Ha and Seung-Suh’s story is an interesting one, filled with many touching actions. In addition to that, audiences can also enjoy (and learn from) the Korean based drawings provided by Baek
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