Bring Your Own Device

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Bring Your Own Devices Bring your own device (BYOD) is a key topic in today's professional organizations. There are several benefits for organizations that allow BYOD that reflect productivity within the workforce as well as employee/employer work experience. With these benefits also come substantial risks involved with allowing such devices within the confines of buildings. These risks might include information security concerns, operational security concerns, and overall networking security. These concerns arise throughout all organizations, especially government organizations and major corporate retailers in light of recent cyber-attacks. BYOD is a major security topic in today's social market. Benefits offered to organizations that…show more content…
One of the major risks associated with BYOD is network security. Malicious software that could have very easily found its way onto a home storage device or laptop can be transferred to the organization's network just as easily while being completely transparent to the employee and perhaps the employer. There are many types of malicious software in circulation; many of which are undetectable by antivirus software because they have not been discovered. This can lead to significant production and operation costs due to network instability, loss of sensitive data, and potentially entire systems becoming corrupt leading to severe productivity concerns. Another risk involved is information security. If an organization has sensitive information stored within its network, the ease of transferring this information into the hands of people with malicious intent is multiplied by employees allowed BYOD. This type of information can include personally identifiable information (PII); proprietary information such as designs, plans, and monetary figures; or classified material. Recent cyber-attacks have targeted PII from major corporations such as credit card and banking information, social security numbers, names and addresses, as well as personal photos uploaded to the cloud. Edward Snowden has put
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