Bringing A Dog To Work Research Paper

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Bringing a dog to work might sound fun and relaxing, but there is also some disadvantages of having your dog at work. Yes, they may be cute, but they can easily distract you and others. Some people might even be allergic. Most dogs need an environment that has open space and roaming room, not some closed office. Taking your dog to work might be fun and all, but can be very complicated. Dogs can be the cutest, most cuddliest animal on the planet. They are an easy distraction. Imagine taking your dog to work, as soon as you walk in, most people want to pet, hold, or even play with your dog, and it could get you behind on work tasks and even the people who are playing with your dog. For example, you're sitting at your desk and all of a sudden your dog is giving you a heartattack from barking out of no where. Everybody is looking and you cant stop your dog from barking. Only way for you to handle it, is to give him a treat or attention, which makes you stop what your doing and waste time on something that should be done after work hours. In the article Against Bringing Dogs to Work, it states, "Even pets that are well-behaved at home may act unpredictably in a new environment or around unfamiliar people. Not only could this be distracting and stressful for workers,…show more content…
Some may even be deathly allergic. This would cause a whole crowd of sneezing, red-eyed people walking around looking like zombies, but really, they're about to die from allergies. Allergies can cause stress towards people, which is not healthy in a work environment. Such as, a person is working on a project and all they can do is sneeze, blow their nose, and constantly wipe tears from there eyes, and can not focus on that project. You just have to be considerate towards other people, and to not bring your dog, which may seem harmless, but can be very stressful, especially with people who have an allergic reaction to
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