Bringing Kumon Math And Reading Center Into Vietnam

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For this investigation I am going to research on bringing Kumon Math and Reading Center into Vietnam. Kumon Math, as its name, Kumon provides a program in which students will have the chance to improve their mathematical skills, from the basic one to the advanced level. It is available for students from all ages to join.
Vietnam is a great potential market to invest in. Since Vietnam has the policies of searching for oversea investment, it has been an attractive market for many foreign companies.
The economy and industry there are in the developing process, which means that they are lack of investments from outside. Moreover, the educational system has been focusing a lot on natural science subjects such as math and other ones which also
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A person who purchases franchise called franchisee, and the firm that sells franchise called franchisor. Franchisee and franchisor have to agree on a compromise, both sides need to sign in the business contract and follow the cooperation legislations that are normally set up by franchisor. Commonly, franchisor is profitable by the royalty payment (the commission that is paid by the franchisee as it sold the products). Brand recognition is also beneficial for the firm because it would gain more reputation from franchisee stores which are located in diversified distinctive markets. Franchisee makes the benefits from selling products or services of well-known brand name. Moreover, this is a safe starting method for people who are new to business as the low starting risks and the existing reputation. As the result of these advantages Franchising is a popular trend in plenty economies from several nations, it not only allows national businesses to purchase and run a franchise stores, but also foreign entrepreneurs are welcomed to participate in the franchising form.
How to be a Kumon Math & Reading centre franchisee:
There are several steps that a businessman can make to be Kumon franchisee, which could be summed up generally in 9 steps:
1. Visit the Kumon Math and Reading Centre official website (in case you do not feel comfortable to visit their representative office):, ( "Own a Franchise |Kumon Canada." Own a Franchise |Kumon

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