Bringing Peace to Northern Ireland Essay examples

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Bringing Peace to Northern Ireland It has proved hard to bring peace to Northern Ireland. There are many factors causing the difficulties. I think some are more important than others are. I think the most important factors are as follows. Religion is a problems because throughout history there have been rivalries between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Paramilitaries are a problem because they have a huge amount of control. Difference of opinions between people is a problem because it has been difficult to keep everyone happy. Extremists, to justify their actions, often refer to history. Politics has been a problem…show more content…
Martin McGuiness, the current Education Secretary, has openly admitted to being an ex-IRA member. Also Gerry Adams, a leader of Sinn Fein is believed (by Unionists) to have close connections with the IRA. There are very recently problems with area boundaries. In September 2001, Catholic families were walking to school through a Protestant area. This caused problems for Protestants as they couldn't see a need for them to walk through their area, especially as they claim the same Catholics vandalise their properties. Throughout these recent events we can see why it has been difficult to bring peace to Northern Ireland. One reason for the obstacles in bringing peace is religion. Although the main argument is between Nationalists and Unionists, Nationalists are mainly Catholic and Unionists are mainly Protestant. Throughout history there has been an altercation between Protestants and Catholics in Ireland. I think this began because in the 17th Century, both Elizabeth I and James I gave English Protestants Irish Catholic rebel's land to increase the security in England. These Catholics did not like this because they felt the land was rightfully theirs. They refused to accept that the land belonged to the English Protestants. Catholics not only hated the Protestants for this but they resented British rule because it was them that gave the Protestants the land.
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