Bringing Up Bebe By Pamela Druckerman

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If you’re an expectant mother or already a parent and you’ve never heard about the book Bringing Up Bébe by Pamela Druckerman, now is the right time to pick it up at your local book store and start reading.

And if you’re very busy, or overwhelmed with your daily tasks and don’t have time for another parenting book, believe me, this one is a very easy read. You can literally finish it in one day. There, you won’t find any tutorials on how to burb the baby or a vaccination schedule. The book is a simple yet very ineteresting overview of the French parenting philosophy and a phylosophy of life in general.

I’ve read this book 2 years ago. I’ve heard so many flattering reviews that I decided to give it a try.

The first thing that might come to your mind when reading it, is that the author tries to demoralize the way American parents have used to raise their kids. But in fact, the book is just a good comparison of how Amricans and French people tend to do things in regards to pregnancy and parenting.

Each book we read is a source of improvement and I see Bringing Up Bebe to be such book.

It’s really fascinating how things are different in other part of the world. Both USA and France are world leading developed countries with so many things in common. Yet, when it comes to all things pregnancy, childbirth and raising kids, French people are onto something completely different.

In the US, when a woman gets pregnant, it become a norm to stock up on every possible pregnancy
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