Brinkman Essay

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Team Chester Professor Zhang Business Policy June 27th, 2014 Brinkman Essay Before attempting the Capsim simulator, we developed a group of five students. One of them being a finance major, the other a marketing major, and the remaining three being business management majors. The diversification within the group made it easy to divide the workload evenly into categories each student can relate to. In addition to different majors, each of the individuals have different personalities, which brings a plethora of excellent ideas to the table. We each are looking forward to absorbing new information while also introducing new ideas to the class. To start with, Brian Brady was designated to be in charge of the Research and Development…show more content…
Danielle is big on communication, which is beneficial for our organization and keeps all of the members on the same page. Danielle is best described as The Martyr. She definitely keeps the group tied together and is willing to give out help whenever needed. This helps our group majorly because she is willing to take on any and all tasks our group is faced with. Kenzie Forkel, our finance major, is in charge of the finance department. She also works hand in hand with the other departments in order to make sure our cash flows are all correct. She is also in charge of forecasting as she can compare previous annual reports to get a prediction on how we should do in the future. Most importantly, she forecasts our sales compared to previous years, which transfers to our production company. She gives a rough estimate on how much product we need to produce while also trying to minimize cost. Kenzie is best considered as The Meddler. She always brings up questions about specific topics which really broadens our group’s way of thinking. She has a positive attitude and resembles a manger as she tends to lead some of our group meetings. Dealing with production, we placed Justin Dejarnette in charge. With a construction background, he knows what it takes to make products quickly and efficiently while minimizing costs. Other department
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