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Brionna Johnson Mr. T. Kemiksizgil, Period 4 Mrs. K. Prinzo, Period 6 03 March 2017 European Imperialism Good for Colonized Countries? Imagine you 're in the 1700s and live in South Africa or another colonized country. You’ve gotten used to the new lifestyle, but then the Europeans come in and force imperialism onto you and your country. Being obliged to do something is what happened in South Africa. South Africa got colonized by Britain in 1795. Imperialism spread in the 1900s to Africa. So Africa was forced into having something they don 't want. Even though colonized countries wouldn 't have the resources they have today such as advanced construction engineering, European imperialism shouldn 't be good for colonized…show more content…
The black spokesman also spoke about this supreme power happening as well. Their speeches made people believe that it will get better but it also forced people into doing something they didn’t want to do. Additionally, it forces people to be a particular religion or live in a certain culture. People want to be themselves. They don’t want to be compelled to do something they don’t want to do. For instance, these people face many challenges because of this, “One of the many difficulties [people face], will be to rise against chauvinism and racism that pits workers against workers based on their religion, race, sex, or nationality” (Campbell). This major issue was a big one back then (and still is now) for the people of South Africa. Everyone got pinned against each other and imperialism encouraged this. For example, patriotism and cultural superiority were a big issue, “Imperialism can be prompted by patriotism, religion, and a sense of cultural and racial superiority” (Vontz). People are horrible when it comes to this, always coming at each other for it. This forces imperialism to happen as well as some other reasons. For instance, political and religious issues are a big thing, “According to this perspective, political, cultural, or religious beliefs forces states into imperialism…” (Imperialism). Again, these are significant issues that happened back then. People just didn’t know how to

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