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BRITA GmbH is a German company founded in 1966 by its founder Heinz Hankammer, and it’s headquarter is currently in Taunsstein,Hesse,Germany. The company is specializes in water filtration related business, and BRITA products are reached worldwide, distributing more than sixty countries. BRITA invented the first household jug with water filtration in 1970, and still remain as leading company in the industry. In 2016, BRITA is still a family own and run business that has 18 domestic and international subsidiaries, joint-stock companies, sales and industrial partners and has multiple manufacturing plants in Germany, the UK and Switzerland.(exhibit 1)

BRITA develops, produces and sells a variety of innovative solutions for the optimization of water resources, both in household level products (water jugs, kettles and tap attachments and commercial level products (food processing, restaurant business and water vending machine optimization program), its produce also can find in offices, schools, and the health sector (hospitals, nursing homes) etc.

“Our vision is a world where drinking water of the highest quality is always available to everyone”. MISSION
“We offer innovative products and solutions that enable people to experience the best possible drinking water according to their individual needs”.

Important Strategies(exhibit 1)
1980 Expand to international market - new market
In the

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