Brita Marketing Essay

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Contents Introduction 1 Background 1 Situational Analysis 1 P.E.S.T.L.E Analysis 2 S.W.O.T Analysis 3 Porter Five Forces Analysis 3 STP Analysis 4 Possible Options Available 5 Do nothing 5 Manage decline 5 Develop and implement a marketing strategy for growth 5 Short term - Expand existing market 5 Long term - Increase Market Share 6 Conclusion 6

This document represents The i-Fusions Consultant’s Report on BRITA. The company’s current business situation is analysed and various options for action considered. The report aims to identify a clear marketing strategy for Brita in order to address the current issues facing the company the associated falling sales.
The report is broadly comprised of
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As a result, people were not possessing self-awareness of dangers contributing to drinking impure & contaminated water.

Porter Five Forces Analysis
Rivalry: The market is very competitive and the threat of competition is high. Many companies are present and they are more successful than Brita. It seems to appear a rivalry both in terms of product and location Barriers to Entry: The entry barriers in the market are relatively low, making it easy to access. However, as the market is saturated it could be unlikely for new companies to decide to start new enterprises in this field. Threat of substitutes: This represents one of the main threats for Brita. Both tap water and soft drinks are potential substitutes for the product that Brita offers. Supplier power: The suppliers do not play a major role for Brita growth. The product offered is relatively simple and its components are easy to procure. Buyer power: The consumers have a high decision power which can drastically affect the performances of Brita. Depending what type of drink
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