Britain And The Treaty Of Dunkirk

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Through the idea that Britain used the Treaty of Dunkirk as a way to start a Western Alliance that would be able to hold off the USA, the USSR or Germany would it ever arise. However, trying to start this alliance with France may have been counterproductive for the English State. While these two states at the time were the most powerful within Western Europe, the history between them is still a constant in the lives of the citizens . This alliance was forthcoming with the purpose of expanding the idea to other states within Western Europe. The main problem with the Treaty with France is that Britain was afraid they would make the USSR feel like trying to defend against them, this, therefore, increasing security over into the USSR domain. With Britain working on the creation of Western International Security would then lead to the USSR to feel like they needed to increase because of this upcoming alliance, therefore initiating the security dilemma . While the state is the best level of analysis for the Treaty of Dunkirk, as the state relations do originate at the state the individual analysis has a few key points as well. The formation of the Treaty of Dunkirk, analyzing it at the Individual level of analysis is less than compelling as Britain was more focused on creating state alliances, and not a single individual worked towards the creation of this agreement. As Ernest Bevin sat in Foreign Office trying to draft the best way for allowing his French counterparts the
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