Britain Faced A Major Social And Political Crisis In The Years 1910-1914

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Britain Faced A Major Social And Political Crisis In The Years 1910-1914

There were many reasons why Britain was facing a major Social and Political crisis in the years of 1910-1914, I have narrowed down the reasons to three major issues; The Suffrage movement, Industrial Unrest, Constitutional Crisis. I will be looking at these issues in more depth as to whether they can explain the Crisis.

The first issue I will be looking at will be the Suffrage Movement. At the begging of the twentieth Century no woman could vote in elections for parliament. In 1911 only 60% of adult males could vote in elections. But by this time many women were beginning to demand their equal say in the running of the
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The NUWSS was not only women, there were men as part of the organisation too, those who felt that women should too have a say in running the country. The NUWSS was commonly known as the suffragists. In 1903 Emmeline Pankhurst, the daughter of a wealthy cotton manufacturer, set up the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). The members were known more commonly as the suffragettes, their slogan 'deeds not words', they believed in more direct action, their more militant purpose was to gain people's attention. The Suffragettes became notorious for the actions that their members took to become noticed. In 1905 Christable Pankhurst, Emmeline's daughter shouted out 'Votes for Women' during a speech by a government minister, she was arrested and imprisoned, this was a great deal in this era. 1908 two suffragettes chained themselves to the railing outside 10 Downing Street in London. But by far the most remembered Act for the suffragettes was in 1913 Emily Davidson at Epsom racecourse, where the Derby is held each year, where she flung herself in front of the king's horse in order to stop the race waving the purple-white-green suffragette colours, but ended up by killing herself.

As you can see the suffrage movement made a large impact on the Liberals.

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