Britain Is Essentially A Class-Conscious Society Where

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Britain is essentially a class-conscious society where the upper classes are considerably preoccupied with the view of the social position, the language, and manners. It is still a pestilence in the British society. In the post-war Britain, a new innovative literary movement emerged as “The Angry Young Men”. In this movement, the members were mostly a group of British playwrights, who were a part of working and middle class and later became prominent in the 1950’s. The main concern of these angry young men was infuriated with circumstances and they denied incorporating with the destitute social order and shown spontaneous solidarity with the working classes. Referred to as “Kitchen Sink Realism”, the literary works began to deal with lower…show more content…
The set of social values to which Colonel, his family, and his social circle were different from the social values of Jimmy Porter’s class. The love of the couple turned into a storm in the cyclone of class conflict during their life in Hugh’s house. Jimmy was pathetically wrecked that Alison did not accept his social circle. The outcome of this action, a very tense atmosphere was generated. Jimmy under Hugh’s influence, treated Alison as a hostage from the upper social class. Alison was utterly disgusted with such barbaric behavior. She found it outrageous to believe that two literate people like Jimmy and Hugh, could be so ruthless, savage. Hugh decided to go abroad. Both Jimmy and Hugh’s mother came to view that Alison was responsible for Hugh’s departure. As a result, Jimmy flares to dislike his wife. He also felt that she adopted an indifferent attitude to his concerns and convictions; needs and necessities. He became obsessed with a sense of betrayal. After Hugh’s migration, Jimmy and Alison took another flat. Cliff Lewis, another friend of Jimmy came to live near them. Fortunately for them, Alison and Cliff became genuinely fond of each other. Cliff tried his best to minimize the conflict between the married couple. But, in spite of Cliff’s determined efforts to prevent the conflict from the burst, Jimmy’s insults deliberately become more and more unbearable. Whatever the subject under
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