Britain : The Glorious Revolution

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Britain: Overview 1688 – 1918

From 1688 to 1918, the British Empire was formed. At its peak, it was the largest empire in history. With 59 territories ranging from Egypt to Canada, it held sway over 14 million people. It was “the empire on which the sun never sets,” for the sun was always shining on at least one of its many territories. Britain was known as the “workshop of the world,” with a rise in population, wealth, inventions, and much more.

In 1688, Britain was invaded by the Dutch Prince William of Orange. This would later be known as the “Glorious Revolution.” This event changed Britain, setting it on the path towards constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. This created a new balance between parliament and the
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– At the bottom, where the poor. These people usually lived in small towns or villages and worked in factories and mines or as servants to the rich.
There was a problem during these times with the number of poor people there were compared to upper/middle class. This created a lot of tension as half of the country were unhappy about their way of life.

Culturally, a lot happened in this period. Literature grew in popularity. With the stress of the day and the harsh conditions, many people would need something to relax during the night. The themes of the novels changed during the different centuries. In the 17th century, literary works emphasize largely on individual journeys and experiences, politics and religion. However, as the industrial revolution came upon Britain, the major themes included social issues, nature and imagination. This change shows us that after the industrial revolution, living standards had gotten much worse for a vast amount of people after the revolution.

The themes of art also changed. Art became far more edgy and dark. It had more emotion and imagination. Many paintings represented violence and included terrifying images of nature. It contained exotic objects, and the Gothic style became popular.

Music changed in a similar way. There were more expressions of intense emotions, making the music seem like a violent nature. Music also had a great impact in Germany, Austria,
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