Britain 's Debate Over Britain

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Britain is one of only a few countries in the world without a codified constitution and has long been a topic of conversation within parliament itself and the media. There are many published articles which argue the need for Britain to adopt a written constitution, whilst others argue that Britain is best left with what many believe as a successful, partially codified constitution. This essay seeks to investigate as to whether Britain would benefit from a fully codified singular document, similar to those found in other countries or whether Britain is at an advantage by keeping it’s existing documents, some of which are in statute form and some not, to allow for flexibility in the future.

Although Britain lacks a single codified constitution found in most other countries it would be wrong to believe that Britain has nothing written into statute form at all. There are many core topics found throughout already existing written constitutions across the world which can also be found in Britain’s written documents however, it is argued that because there are over two hundred years worth of these documents without any legal entrenchment of them, British citizens lack knowledge and reassurance regarding their elected Government’s power and their own legal rights as a citizen within the country.
The fact that there are many documents makes it difficult to access information easily and even those in statute form are left to the interpretation of a judge, making them an unreliable…

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