British Airlines Change

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British Airways have been the symbol of the United Kingdom and its airlines for many years. They are the largest airline in the UK and have the largest amount of international flights and destinations. British Airways was formed in 1974 after four UK airlines, BEA, BOAC, Northeast Airlines, and Newcastle, were dissolved. The airline aimed at being a worldwide network and achieving economies of scale. This joining of four different organizations caused the airlines to have over 50,000 staff members and 215 aircrafts, which is considered to be grossly overstaffed and suffered allot of management structure problems. British Airlines also suffered serious cultural differences due to a ‘class’ distinction with the staff members. When British Airways was formed it faced a large amount of problems. One of those main problems came from the members of the different organizations interacting with one another and receiving disruptive tensions. The other big issue came from the poor management system that was set in place at the time. British Airways had a very inflexible, hierarchical management system and it caused constant questions of authority. The new management also had problems in identifying and addressing the needs of their customers. Because the company focused more on keeping track of their various routes and internal control management customer service suffered greatly. This lead to BA customers being unsatisfied.“ I remember going to parties in the late
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