British Airways Analysis Marketing & Strategy

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IB 1170 Markets, Marketing & Strategy Matthew Baptista Gerlach 1201503 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report has been produced with the intention of providing a full analysis of the current situation of British Airways, through an evaluation of internal and external factors. External analysis has been accomplished through the use of a PESTLE, which has shown the high dependability and sensitivity of British Airways to the…show more content…
Impact on Business Performance 6. References 3 IB 1170 Introduction British Airways was founded on the 25th August 1919 (British Airways, 2012). It is owned by the International Airlines Group (IAG), which coordinated British Airways’ recent merge with Iberia Airlines. As a result, they are now “Europe’s third largest scheduled airline” (British Airways, 2012). It currently offers transport to over 400 destinations. British Airways has a highly diversified plane portfolio, ranging from the largest A380s for long-­‐haul flights to small E170s for domestic and short-­‐range international flights. In-­‐flight services are offered, such as on-­‐board entertainment services such as movies and music, and their Highlife store with perfumes, watches and other products at discounted prices.
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