British Airways Case Study

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British Airways is the one of the largest airline companies, and the passengers carry overall in the fifth largest in the world. Most of plans are stay in Heathrow Airport which is the highest of main international airport. The British Airways has a long history and airlines cover 133 countries; include 373 airplanes. The BA Company includes 50,086 workers to be in the service, which is one of the largest employers and employees in the United Kingdom.
British Airways (BA) is based on the British flag carrier airline, based near London Heathrow Airport, the main center is near the Gulf. British Airways operate with Gatwick Airport which is the second or third center, a dedicated British Airways at London City Airport Express
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Reliable electronic book in the new schedule, more comfortable seats, new customer loyalty programs and new services in the lounge in the near future innovation may be more realistic expectations. Short-term objectives will include diversification.
This is suggested Bob Arlen, president of British Airways: We cannot stand still. Greater innovation we must maintain our lead, we provide excellent products and quality services, people will change their travel plans and enjoy.
From the perspective of investor relations, the new tasks of the new confidence in the BA can only be beneficial. In addition, its signal is BA's business from last September, the recent studies about the efficiency of world tourism program of the future is not a one-off, but a new millennium as part of a larger plan. (Morrell, 1999)
Therefore, the new position and indentify of British Airways are established. Meanwhile, using business models might more helpful to find out the new position and future to the BA. Wilson and Gilligan (2005) claim that one of the most important business models is SWOT. They give the definition and what kinds of questions include SWOT. SWOT is an abbreviation of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. Wilson and Gilligan also mention that when SWOT key issues are decided to use, it could determine the goals of marketing. Also, when using SWOT model to analysis a

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