British Airways Information System

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The purpose of this project is explore how information systems helps organisations to make decisions at different levels to achieve set objectives and strategic advantages over competitors .The team carried out research and debate on various companies, and agreed to focus on British Airways. Through literature we found out, that BA is amongst the busiest premium international airlines worldwide, BA operates mainly from Heathrow, London city and Gatwick airports and flies over 35million people to more than 300 cities and freights an average of 700,000 tonnes of cargo each year (ref). BA’s air cargo business, in conjunction with its scheduled passenger services operate under the licence governed by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority…show more content…
• DSS provide semi structured and unstructured decisions; it does not only focus on a particular level of management decision, as it integrates by partially overlaying between the three levels of decision making The next level of decision-making in British Airways is the Operational decision, which uses an information system tool knows as: Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) Process control system • TPS are basic business computerised system that supports the managers at the operational level by tracking and maintaining elementary activities and transactions of BA, such as sales, receipt, cash, and online transactions, reservation system, employee record and flight timetables and business exchanges. Process control system are used to monitor, manage, regulate and control BA’s business processes • All levels of decision-making in BA have to keep up to date with the everchanging technological world; they have in place what is described as Knowledge Level System. The purpose of these systems is to
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