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BRITISH AIRWAYS PLC INTRODUCTION In this report, I am going to be looking at British airways plc., how it began it operation its activities, the services it provides, its annual turnover, how it has grown over the few years, the comparison between its competitors and how management accounting can help it grow even better. This report will focus at a background of a chosen organisation, company analyses, cost structure strength and weakness and review it nature and how Management Accountant can supply information to assist the Management of British airways . COMPANY BACKGROUND British airways plc. Being the largest and one of the most leading airline in the world and the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom. Based in waterside…show more content…
British airways main competitor is Air France which operates hand in hand with British airways and makes as much profit as British airways was also one of the top leading airlines, according to their website information the used the activity based costing to get to where they are now, so it would be advisable for British airways to adopt the use of this method in other to generate more profit. WEAKNESS OF BRITISH AIRWAYS According to data monitor, British airways had conflict over labour and wage issue plus it being suffering from bargaining power due to collective bargaining agreement and labour in may 2010. They also went on strike that accumulated a cost of about 150 million. COST STRUCTURE OF BRITISH AIRWAYS British airways’ being the largest or biggest airways those not

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