British Airways Strategic Management

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Table of Contents 1.0 INTRODUCTION 4 1.1 Company Overview 4 1.2 Current Strategies 5 1.3 The Basis for Strategic Management Process 6 1.4 Stages of Strategic Management Process 7 2.0 EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 8 2.1 PESTEL Analysis 8 2.1.1 Political 8 2.1.2 Economic 8 2.1.3 Social 9 2.1.4 Technological 9 2.1.5 Environmental / Ethical 9 2.1.6 Legal 10 2.2 Porter’s Five Forces 10 3.0 SWOT ANALYSIS 12 3.1 Strength 12 3.2 Weakness 12 3.3 Opportunities 12 3.4 Threats 13 4.0 Strategy Formulation 14 4.1 Difference between Corporate and Business Strategy 14 5.0 Porter’s Generic Strategies 14 6.0 Advantages and Disadvantages of Related and Unrelated Diversification 16 6.1 Advantages 16 6.2 Disadvantages 16 7.0 Portfolio Analysis 17 8.0 STRATEGY FORMULATION…show more content…
However, with recent mergers and changes in air trade policies, the future for British Airways looks rosier and there are a lot of positive signs for British Airways both in Europe and the world market. British Airways annual reports have always stressed out of how much the company would like to become the “world’s most responsible airline” and the development of the guiding principles along with careful strategic direction will definitely allow the goal to be achieved. 1.2 Current Strategies The current strategies of British Airways are in line with the advancement that the mobile and computing technology is experiencing at current time. At the same time, the company is also focused on expanding its business operations to better serve increasing amounts of passengers due to the slight recuperation of the global economic conditions. Among the strategies that the airline currently undertake include Upgrading the customer experience through the introduction of mobile application services for business class customers. Along with that the company is also experimenting with enabling texting and mobile services for business class customers during on-flight hours. Modernising the current fleet of aeroplanes while offering new services. Managing a better cost base operation Increasing corporate responsibility through environmental performance and partnerships. Despite the fact that British Airways
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