British Airways: Strategic Plan

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Table of ContentExecutive Summary1I. Introduction2II. Main Body1. History of British Airways22. Current strategic situation….42.1 Internal analysis42.2 External Analysis52.3 SWOT82.4. Current strategy93. Potential Strategic options124. Recommended strategic direction with rationale164.2 Strategy Evaluation175. Identification of critical success factors186. Performance measurement criteria197. Conclusion218. Bilbliography249. References24Executive SummaryThe main aim of this report is to undertake a review and analysis of British Airways. It is UK's leading airlines both at international and domestic level, with its operations spread over 300 destinations across the world. The report starts with a brief description of the company. Then the…show more content…
Same year British Airways Holidays introduced its first program after re-integrating with British Airways. In 2004, to clear their debt, British Airways sold their 18.6% of stake in Australian airline Qantas for £1.1billion and also sold their London Eye to Tussauds £95 million.

In 2006, British Airways CitiExpress was renamed as BA Connect and the same year, they sold 14.6% stake in an Indian based business services Provider VVNS Holdings. British Airways also sold its Travel Clinic business to MASTA (Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad).Meanwhile British Airways came to an agreement with Maley Hungarian Airlines for code sharing on each other's flights. They also started a flight from London to Calgary, Canada. At the same time they acquired American Airline's Stake in Iberia Airlines.

In 2007, British Airways started flights from London to New quay in UK and also they announced their intention of their investment in 777-200 ERs which were scheduled for delivery in 2009.In 2006 they also sold their regional operations of BA connect to an European regional airlines Flybe. At the same time, British Airways launched its new subsidiary, BA CityFlyer in Lodon city Airport. BA CityFlyer was expected to operate 250 flights a week from the Docklands airport to six UK and European destinations. In May 2007, British Airways placed an order for eight airbus A320 family aircraft which were scheduled to be delivered between 2008 and
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