British Airways - a Personal View’

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Assignment A Magazine Article ‘BRITISH AIRWAYS - A Personal View’


You will investigate the British Airways and provide a personal, but informed, view of the company. The assignment will give you the opportunity to apply your understanding of the Business Environment to the analysis of an international business from a range of different perspectives: considering how businesses set their objectives, influence their stakeholders, control their costs and fix their prices within the context of a particular national environment (the UK). The submission should be suitable for publishing in a specialist ‘business’ magazine.


The article based on your investigation and analysis should be no longer than 3,000
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- To survive and not falling down under the downturn crisis.

- To give new concept about aviation industry.

- Focus on our values

- Focus on cargo industry and give it priority to keep it ahead.

- Improve terminals and make them more comfortable and not tedious.

- Enlarge parking and strengthen security system.

- Pay more care to people in special needs.

- Make people feel themselves at home while they are in the air

- Provide excellent service to people show good hospitality.

- Make client satisfied

- Don’t lose any customer or supplier

- Maximize profits to shareholders and owners

- Cooperation among coworkers to reach the target we are pursue .


Everyone working with BA feel responsibility, loyalty towards it to keep it growing up, keep quality high and everyone give their best to the firm, that appear clearly in the worker reaction toward the economic crises since 7,000 British Airways employees have volunteered for schemes in support of the airline’s cost reduction programme. Their actions will save the company up to £10 million as BA website and several media sources said (1)


In order to stay exist BA focus on needs of customers and suppliers as service provider company, Pay more care of the customer to make

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