British Arts

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tishTOPIC 14: BRITISH ARTS Outline: I. Introduction II. Content 1. Overview of the arts in Britain 1.1. What are “the arts”? 1.2. The arts in society 1.3. The characteristics of British arts and letters 1. Types of arts 2.4. Theatre and cinema 2.5. Music 2.6. Literature 2.7. The fine arts III. Conclusion 1. Overview of the arts in Britain 2.1. What are “The arts”? The art is the term which is used to refer to literature, music, painting, sculpture, film, opera, crafts, theatre, ballet etc. This term is usually called “umbrella term” and usually implies seriousness, so that core examples of these art activities which regarded as “light” may…show more content…
There appears to be general assumption in Britain that artists creation is a personal affair, not a social one, and that therefore the flowering of artists talent cannot be engineered. Eiter its happens, or it doesn’t. it is not something for which society should feel responsible. 2. Types of arts 3.4. Theater and cinema * In Britain * Theatre The theatre has always been very strong in Britain. Its center is, of course, London, where successful plays can sometimes run without a break for many years. The Royal National Theatre (generally known as the National Theatre) in London is one of the United Kingdom's two most prominent publicly funded theatre companies, alongside the Royal Shakespeare Company. Internationally, it is styled the National Theatre of Great Britain. Since 1988, the theatre has been permitted to call itself the Royal National Theatre, but the full title is rarely used. The theatre presents a varied program, including Shakespeare and other international classic drama; and new plays by contemporary playwrights. Each auditorium in the theatre can run up to three shows in repertoire, thus
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