British Attitude Toward Europe

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Running Head: British attitudes towards Europe British attitudes towards Europe British attitudes towards Europe Attitude is one of the vital and essential components for developing an insight for others, which seems to have diversity over time. The attitude articulates the general perception, beliefs, viewpoint of a particular person and the way of thinking towards an object, event, person, religion or a country and can either be in positive or negative form. Different people have diverse and dissimilar attitudes based on their beliefs and living standards. Indeed, in certain occasions, individuals can also have conflicting and vacillating attitude (that is both positive and negative) towards a particular object at the same time (Bohner, 2002, pp. 4-10). The development of the attitude of a person is primarily dependent upon his or her external environment, family beliefs, religion, and so forth. However, experience is one of the leading facets that lead to change in attitude of a person. This means that a person gains insight and experience through response to communication, which is an influential and persuasive element that begets to change in attitude. The behavior is the common aspect through which the attitudes of an individual is reflected and come to surface. This elucidates the fact that attitudes play a dominating and influencing role on behaviors of the person (Blankson, 2005, pp. 3-8). Studies have also brought the fact into limelight that social roles
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