British Beatle Mania: The Career of the Band that Shook the World

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The Beatles are unmistakably the most well-known band in the world. The Beatle mania that started in Liverpool and spread throughout the world has changed the music world forever. The Beatles’ astounding careers have affected the music and culture of their era and continue to affect us today. John Lennon, a boy from Liverpool, England, was the leader of a small band called Quarry Men. John knew that he wanted to do great things in music, and wanted to go much further than where he was at the time. He began looking for new members that would give his band the edge it needed for success. He was introduced to Paul McCartney through a mutual friend. John was quite impresses with Paul’s ability to play and tune a guitar, so he asked him to …show more content…
They believed that in Germany, they would have instant success and instant money, but that just wasn’t so. They ended up working very long hours in dirty clubs with filthy sleeping arrangements and tons of easy women. The Beatles played through the night and slept behind movie screens in theaters or wherever they could find a place. The only thing The Beatles gained from their time in Germany was playing experience; because they never were paid any of the money they were promised (Lazaresai). Toward the end of 1961, The Beatles had a slight taste of success. That year, an owner of a well-known record store purchased a small bulk of their records. The records flew off the shelves and soon more stores and people wanted The Beatles’ music. Toward the end of 1962, just a year later, The Beatles broke the UK charts with their single “Love Me Do”. Continually, throughout the remainder of the year and through the next The Beatles continued to grow in fame. In the beginning of 1963, the appeared on a TV show, “Thank Your Lucky Stars,” to promote their single. The episode was seen by nearly six million people. The Beatles were now continuously topping the charts with every single they created. “I want to hold your hand” advanced to UK number one with over one million copies sold, and that same year it also became the number one single in the United States. The Beatles were becoming so popular; they had
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