British Cinema Vs Hollywood Cinema Essay

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British Cinema Vs Hollywood Cinema

As far as statistics show Hollywood films make twice as much money in
the box office than British films. If we look at films in this manner
than it is plainly obvious that more people watch Hollywood films than
British films and if we believe that the best films are the ones that
more people see than we can conclude that Hollywood films are better
than British ones. But it's not as simple as this although the box
office does have an impact on the end result. We have to first look at
why Hollywood films make more money and how this pattern came about.
Then we have to see whether or not this has had any sort of impact on
the British cinema and if so why. From this
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About a century later Hollywood and British films have improved
rapidly but in totally different ways. Nowadays we can tell the
difference between most British and Hollywood films just by looking at
the first scene. The questions that arise from this interpretation are
how and why. How can we tell the difference and why is this difference
apparent? The answer to the first question is pretty straightforward
as its based on pure facts, which people cannot deny, but the second
question (apparent difference) has many reasons and has no straight

British films are nearly always about real problems, they are usually
about working class people, the story lines are seen as 'gritty', they
are unglamorous, they do not cast big stars, unfortunately they have
limited funding, many films do not have a mainstream release, they
have very limited advertisement even in Britain, they are set in
British locations, which anyone can see as being very limited and I
have not seen any British film which actually has any major special
effects. To understand a Hollywood film, just imagine the exact
opposite of everything I have just stated about British films. This
means that they include major special effects, they cast A-list stars,
the story lines are fantasy related not real life etc. As I mentioned
earlier, it is not…