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The study of British colonialism is a rather new field with much to discuss and a lot more to debate. The recent recognition of new nation-states that were once under the control of Britain was a growing phenomenon and one that continues to play a large role in today’s global politics. Since the rather recent period of these new nations, new study’s have been done into the history of a) the peoples that inhabited the land before Britain, b) the way Britain occupied and control and land, and now c) post-Britain. This is a growing topic in the historical field because seventy-five years ago there was no thought that Britain would relieve control of India or Nigeria. That is why post-British colonialism is important to today, because it is a …show more content…
1300 British men died and was evidently the worst British defeat at the hands of a native power in the history of its empire. This was played down by the British crown as nothing more than a minor skirmish, however, since the fall of the British empire, historians have done their share of reviewing, analyzing and critiquing the battle and why is ended in such disaster for the British. The first major piece of work to be written about the Anglo-Zulu war, with a small chapter devoted to the battle of Isandlwana, is called The History of the Zulu War and Its Origin by Frances Ellen Colenso. Written in 1880, one year after the war concluded, Colenso wrote in a Pro-nationalist focus. He applauds the camp tactics employed by Lord Chelmsford, General of British Forces in South Africa and Natal, and does in no way seem to dislike or question the Generals commands. As stated above, this a very short chapter in a very large book. There are thirty pages devoted to Isandlwana in a book of over 400 pages. The thesis of the book is “However insufficient the result may prove, we shall at least hope that our work may give some slight assistance to the maintenance of which alone can ensure the true honour of the British name .” The way the book was written, it is a very pro-British book with emphasis on helping the British reputation. The book does leave out a lot of important details because it is written one year after the event. Reading it, the book

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