British Colonialism and Its Effects on Shaping Pakistani Culture

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3. British colonialism and its effects on the shaping of Pakistani culture The culture of a nation (a complex structure of unsaid dos and don'ts) is determined by their emotive sensitivities and intellectual development at a given stage in history. The form of social order and its institutions are a reflection of this culture. Pre-British India was on a declining path vis-à-vis these factors. Hence conditions were ripe for the invaders to encourage and establish a culture of collaboration. And they were greatly helped in this process by people who willingly forsake the responsibility of leadership in favor of the colonists who represented a culture on dominance. The advent of the British in India, unlike the previous invading forces,…show more content…
Because the domain of culture is extremely broad, and encompasses many facets of civilized social life - the task of post-colonial cultural regeneration was much larger than what even what the most well-meaning advocates of de-colonization could have anticipated. And whereas some aspects of culture are immediately apparent to all (or most people in society), there are other more subtle and complex aspects of social culture that are not as readily understood or appreciated by the majority - especially at times (and in situations) when there have been sharp and forcible breaks in cultural continuity. A common understanding of culture is in very simple and general terms for example, popular customs such as traditions and rituals pertaining to birth marriage and death. But colonial regimes did not show myuch interest in these aspects of daily life that is why most victims of the colonization are unaware of what they have lost permanently. Soon colonized societies had not only forgotten what they had, they had also forgotten how to sustain or renew (or elaborate upon) their fragile heritage. Above all, they had forgotten to dream, to fantasize and to engage in constructive and creatively critical social discourse Colonization always discouraged personal integrity. If any brave man even thought of taking a stand against, he was killed or hanged. This kind of brutality served as a warning for the patriots and at the same time it generated an

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