British Columbia Essay

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Introduction British Columbia, also known as B.C , is a great province from Canada. It has distinctive features like its symbols & physical features, climate and population and trading. This report will cover these three main subtopics. There are many symbols and physical features , the climate and population is very amazing and the trading in B.C is very interesting to learn. You will now learn all these immensely astounding facts about British Columbia. Special Symbols and Physical Features British Columbia also known as B.C has numerous symbols and many physical features which makes B.C a unique province. The flag of B.C has wavy blue lines and is topped by a sun. Other than their flag, there are many provincial symbols such as: the Coat of arms, the Pacific Dogwood ( the provincial flower ), the Stellar’s Jay; the spirit bear, the Pacific Salmon; the gemstone jade ( the gemstone), the Western Red Cedar and the Provincial Tartan. British Columbia This Canadian province has a diverse geography. It consists various mountains, rocky coastlines, sandy beaches,forests, lakes, inland deserts and grass. It is a…show more content…
Currently, the population in British Columbia is 4,707,021 (13.1% of the world) . In 2003 , Vancouver was home to 1.18 million people making it the 3rd largest Canadian city . Climate in British Columbia is influenced by its latitude, mountainous topography and the Pacific Ocean . British Columbia has a variety of climates . Places near the coast have mild winters, warm summers and have plenty of rain . The Average temperatures are close to 0o c in winter and 18oc in summer. Inland areas have average temperatures of 29oc in summer and -7oc in winter . Mountain areas and the north have cold winters and cool summers . In these areas, the average temperatures are -16oc in winter and 20oc in summer . The weather and people in British Columbia are different depending on where they
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