British Culture

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Brity British culture has its distinct and unique aspects reflected to long history and traditions in its own. When you observe carefully, you realise that you find a large amount of successful females at workplaces. You see quite a lot of women that have full-time work positions regardless of their ages. It is unusual for people from another cultures to see women taking roles in society. Perhaps due to their religious backgrounds which do not see women outside of the house favourably or simply difference in cultures in which women usually stay at home and taking charge of household chores. It is, however, found to be quite different in UK. It could be because its historical fact that the one who is ruling over the country, the Queen, is…show more content…
A recent article supports the idea why men are not suitable for domestic chores even though they are willing to be participated in one. According to a survey that was conducted to 2,000 randomly picked women, women spend average of three hours to re-do what men has done due to low quality job presented. (Carlson, 2012) It could be explained due to traditional aspects that women are usually doing household chores whilst men are out there to make money to support the family. However, the modern British society does not allow it. Women are more socially active and when they are a part of work forces, it is not always easy for them to focus on work and domestic chores at the same time. One interesting fact in this article states that women think men are usually incompetent in what they do when it comes to household chores and women often think that they could do better. (Carlson, 2012) Considering household jobs are not usually complicated and does not require special set of skills that can only be acquired under supervisions of professionals, it is just viewed as women pursuing for perfection in what they do and men do not realise how crucial proper help from them. After all, even though men are willing to share household duties with women, on women’s side, it is not necessarily helpful for them and it comes back to the original point where women have enough time to grow their children, do household chores, go to work and be socially active
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