British East Indi A Period Of Political Stability

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After a period of political stability in United Kingdom, the government began colonizing all different areas of the world. Some places such as, the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa and southern Asia were all very common places for colonization not only just for United Kingdom but the rest of Europe. Beginning in the 1700’s the British started to gain economic relationships with India. The British East India Company set up a massive trading network and thrived off of an abundance of resources and highly demanded goods that they found in India. Indian cotton, silk, peppers, spices, and indigo were extremely successful in European trading markets. This success in the trading markets fueled English interest in India and led to expansion into mainland India. Weak Mughal rule allowed for the British East India company to gain more control and political power in their colonies. After a period of harsh, militaristic rule from the trading company, the sepoys fought back to re-establish Indian political control and to rid India of the British. Queen Victoria sent troops to fight the rebellion and successfully put it down. This led to more and more British politicians sent to India to rule and to encourage western education and religion. Series of nationalist movements occurred to help bring back Indian culture. These movements never caught on with Indian civilians until the mid to late 20th century. British rule left India in shambles and caused political instability after their

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