British Imperial Influence

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The empires of both the British and the Japanese through their expansion tactics allowed them to shape certain aspects of other cultures during their growth. The British Empire, with its influence and the power to control, during its greatest time was one of the largest empires to ever cover the world. The Japanese Empire while not as powerful and vast as the British Empire was able to use the change of its government to begin its own conquests.
While the British Empire had many positive things it provided to those under its control it like any other empire in history it did have its own fair share of negative impact on those cultures they maintained, the Japanese were in the same situation. “A negative aspect of their growth with the use
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This military would play a significant role in the expansion of the Japanese empire so that it would have the ability to obtain its own territories much like their European counterparts. Beside Japan lay China — weak and humiliated, an example of what could befall a great Asian nation unable to defend itself against Western imperialism. Determined that Japan should not share China's fate, and convinced that modernization depended on abolishing the feudal order, a group of middle-ranking samurai overthrew the military government of the Shôgun in 1868 and set Japan peaceably on a course of radical modernization.” “This period was a time of social and economic change within the constitutional monarchy established in 1890. The various branches of the government began competing for power with the Parliament, civil bureaucracy, military, and Imperial Household all vying for the ear of the Emperor in whose name they administered the…show more content…
A modernized Japan seeing the interest that the Chinese had with Korea saw the potential of this area and the economical importance of having this territory. This is what began the war as China didn’t want to lose their control over Korea which it eventually did in their losing the war. “Japan fought a war against China in 1894-95 over the control of Korea and gained Taiwan, Japan's first colony. In 1902, Japan signed an alliance with Great Britain, which signified a dramatic increase in international status and in 1904-5, Japan won a war against Russia, one of the major Western powers. In the process Japan expanded its empire, annexing Korea”. The Sino-Japanese war was their first foray into a major conflict of war and their success followed them, with a conflict with Russia and again success; Japan was now on its way to show the world it was a power to reckon with. The growth of Japan for much needed resources was one of the factors into their expansion plans, as an island nation they had limited capabilities and less land to accommodate any growth of resources, so they had go use the military to gain what they needed to boost their
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