British Imperialism

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The Consequences Imperialism is the is the action of a country extending its power by conquering territories, that may also exploit other colonies and is often associated with colonialism. Imperialism has denotations and connotations to the meaning or definition of it. Imperialism is expanding your country’s power and influences through military or diplomacy. Often force was used to get involved into the economy or culture often foreign countries they were trying to get involved with. “The English were lured by the wealth and success of the Spanish settlements throughout the region. Jamaica itself was relatively unimportant, but it was a hub of activity and had potable water and supplies which could be highly prized at times. There were several attacks against the island by the English, but the most significant early attack was by Sir Anthony Shirley in 1596”(Slavery). Greed led the british to continuing to pursue Jamaica seeing that they had many profitable things on their island.This paper will inquire about the british imperialism in Jamaica, and the showing of consequences in later establishment of Jamaica economical system.
“Jamaica was inhabited by Native American people, known as Tainos, at the point when Christopher Columbus made landfall there in 1494. It remained a Spanish colony until seized by the English in 1655. By the middle of the eighteenth century, the island was of central significance to the British empire, which at that time was primarily an
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