British Isles Storms

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Discuss the impacts of storm events in the British Isles and evaluate the responses to them (40 marks)
The British Isles has a Cool Temperate Western Maritime Climate which is owing to its location at the edge of a continent, between two seas and subject to the influences of five major air masses; north-westerly, south-westerly, northerly, easterly and southerly. British climate is classified as temperate as it rarely features the extremes of heat or cold, rain, drought or wind that are common in other climates. Basic characteristics of this climate include temperature, precipitation, wind and air masses.
The mean summer temperatures in the UK are lower than the average for its latitude which is due to the cooling influence from the
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15 million trees were knocked down and trees blocked roads and railways. Power lines were taken down and 5 million homes were left without electricity. Insurance claims were up to £2 billon and so premiums increased for everyone the following year. The Met Office were criticised in the immediate aftermath of this event as it failed to forecast the storm correctly which arguably led to the death of many more people than necessary due to them sleeping through gale force 11 winds. In the aftermath, however, a great deal of money and effort was put into a post-storm ‘clean up’, yet some thought that nature would’ve been better left to re-assert itself. For example, there was unnecessary destruction of trees which, thought fallen, were still living and so could have been recovered through nature. The Met Office learnt from their mistakes in this event and so a number of recommendations were made. Observational coverage of the atmosphere over the ocean to the south and the west of the UK were improved by increasing the quantity and quality of observations from ships, aircrafts, buoys and satellites. Continued refinements were made to the computer models used in forecasting and the training given to forecasters was improved. Substantially more warnings will be put out in future in the event of a storm in an attempt to mitigate the effects for humans and therefore the response to the 1987 depression resulted in some positive aspects for the future, yet the negative impact
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