British Literature : Final Exam

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British Literature II - Final Exam British Literature is filled with diverse and talented writers who through each period has brought something new to the table. Over the course of the term we have covered the Romantic period, the Victorian Age and the Modern period. Each period has had a hand in developing literature through to the modern age and each writer has influenced the next generation. To best examine each period of literature the paper will be split amongst the three major periods the course has covered. Each period had it’s own style, stories and ways of telling each story as such the paper will explore the writers of each time and their effect on the later generations. Literature in general has grown from the impact the past generations have had on the current writers. Thus British literature in particular has developed over each period a great deal and has ultimately lead us into the modern twenty-first century literature that we read today. The Romantic period is a time where imagination and creativity in storytelling became key to the success of writers. Early authors of the time were radical in their writing and tended to be blunt when it came to social commentary of the industrial age and British rule as a whole. Later this would prove unwise and the idea of setting stories “long ago and far awaay” became popular. Romanticism was all about intense emotion and authenticity over realism. Beauty or romance was shown through writings about the past and nature.
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