British Literature : Holiday Shopping Madness Essay

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Max Sawyer
4 December 2016
British Literature
Period 1
Holiday Shopping Madness Christmas lights, inflatable snowmen, reindeer with red noses, fake snowflakes, and decorated coffee cups, it must be the winter holidays and the new year! But wait, Halloween was just days ago. How have haunted houses turned to gingerbread so fast, and what happened to Thanksgiving? Holiday decorations, especially those pertaining to Christmas go up so fast in stores and in neighborhoods sometimes as soon as a couple days after Halloween. This eye-opening phenomenon shows just how much holidays in the United States are being used as times of the year to make profits for businesses. Decorations for end of the year holidays can be seen in some stores as early as September, starting with Halloween and gradually transitioning to Thanksgiving, and then finally Christmas. The problem is that American businesses exploit holidays for profit at the cost and expense of the individual and the individual’s family. Fake and consumer centred holidays have increased in present times leading to a rise in materialism. While this may be good for businesses and shareholders it is extremely detrimental to society and the planet. If holidays are to be sustainable and joyful in the future then people need to move away from consumerism holidays and move towards celebrating these important dates with the important people in their lives. Overall business, profit, consumerism, and materialism have adversely affected

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