British Literature: John Wilkes Booth's Major Plan

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British Literature/Composition IV
Mr. Spieker
16 November 2015
John Wilkes Booth Major Plans John Wilkes Booth had major plans to complete what felt was necessary for him. Booth had a personal feeling for the president “[Lincoln is] a false president yearning for kingly succession as hotly as ever did Ariston [an ancient Greek tyrant].” (Giblin 96). Booths hatred started when the civil war began during President Lincoln's term and Booth disagreed with many of his believes. As the war took a toll of casualties for both the North and the South, Booth had many plans for the South coming out victorious it was whether when was he going to take action. Before the war started, Booth was a well known actor. He served many famous plays for that
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Booth had many meeting for his first plan he had to figure out the layout him and his men will have to kidnap the president. “He had reserved the two presidential the boxes, numbers 7 and 8, for the March 15 evening performance,... to point out several details of the the layout.” (Steers 83). Booth was history with the theatre was well known and he knew this would be the great place to kidnap the president. “For a time he reverted to his old Ford’s Theatre kidnapping scheme… he plotted a new abduction, which would take place in less cramped and crowded circumstances.” (Clark 43). Booth first plan was to kidnap the president from Ford’s Theatre the only problem was whether he could get away because President Lincoln would be the presidential boxes and there would be many accomplices seeing the kidnapping. Booth had to figure out how can he do this without being seen by witnesses. Booth had to find a new accomplice because all his fellow conspirators already had major part to do do. Booths new plans was “To carry out the scheme, Booth would need still another accomplice… who could turn off the gas lights, plunging the place into darkness,”(Clark 27). By plunging the theatre into complete darkness was a new setback for Booth and his fellow conspirators. After Booth found the perfect accomplice that would fit with this new job Booth hat to figure where would Booth take the president and hold him captive. After several meeting with his team they figured a perfect escape route “Booth determined to kidnap Abraham Lincoln and carry him to Richmond. There, Booth foresaw, the President would be held hostage for the release of the southern prisoners,” (Clark 20). Booth would hold him captive until the prisoners would be released to join and fight for the south again. However, General Lee would declare surrender and Booth

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