British Of The British Empire

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In the beginning, the colonies were proud to be represented as British; they were happy under the rule of both the British Empire and with the institution of monarchy. However, by 18th century, the colonies came to believe that they needed to break away from the British empire. For the colonies, being part of the British Empire meant that there were advantages as well as eventual disadvantages. The advantage was that, since the colonies were part of the British empire, they could trade with the richest empire on earth; there was an economic advantage. And, the colonies were relatively safe because the British Empire had the strongest military nation in the world at that time, which helped protect the colonies. The eventual disadvantage was that, colonists had to obey a variety of rules imposed by the British, especially the rule concerning trade. In addition, the British did not consider those living in their colonies, or in other colonies, as citizens who should be represented in the British Parliament. Therefore, the colonist’s people’s demands were disregarded. For example, even though the colonies wanted full rights as British citizens, the British refused to do so. Thus, the colonies had less political power compared to the people in Europe. In addition, since the British were not able to agree to the colonist’s prime demand, the colonies developed a separate and unique “American” identity. Therefore, over a period of time, colonists went from viewing themselves

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