British Perspective On The War Essay

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World War II, for must people, comes with particular interests or focuses. My interest was on the battle tactics of General Patton, someone I have looked up to since my undergraduate days. However, this rather large volume did a great job of showing me a different focus during this time, the British perspectives on the war and their assessment of the United States prior to America entrance in to the war in 1941. There is voluminous literature for the period 1937-1941 focusing on political, diplomatic, and economic issues, but none focus on Britain quite like Todman does. He takes facets of World War II and shapes them in a way that lets you not only see the British form, but also what effect that form had on the rest of the world, or how…show more content…
There have been many books written about World War II, and Britain’s War does a good, albeit slow, job of giving the reader insight into what World War II was like for Britain before the United States entered. We see the complex drama that unfolds between British and American leaders, as well as gain understanding of the dynamics between Germany and the Royal Legislative. Todman wants to join together histories that are normally told separately. As readers go through this work, they will see that Todman focused on England as part of a global system, and he puts together strategic, military, cultural, political, economic and social histories that are generally reported independently. Britain’s resilience and survival during this unique time in world history is so complex and broad-based that Todman is able to research and weave together a compelling narrative. The book is almost overwhelming in its vastness of information, and to some, the military aspects might be heavily contextualized. Todman communicates that the conflict between Britain and their enemies is rooted back in the 1930s, but we are shown that before 1941, this war was a global one. The book is broken into parts for easier consumption, Part One: “Prelude” starts with the Coronation of George VI. The details Todman includes are features that help you understand how this was an international event. Edward VII’s abdication of the crown really left
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