British Petroleum And The Deepwater Horizon Crisis

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British Petroleum is an organization with stakeholders all around the globe, so when something as big as the Deepwater Horizon spill happens; stakeholders all over the world are impacted. Key publics that were impacted include British Petroleum’s board of directors, employees, local businesses in the surrounding areas, and the environmentalists that got involved. The goal of our audience analysis is to analyze and predict the different behaviors and preferences among key publics in order to better communicate and effectively mitigate the effects of the Deepwater Horizon crisis. Throughout this audience analysis, we at British Petroleum aim to move our key publics through the stages of public development. The process of analysis we are focusing on, in regards to our publics, include stakeholder relationship mending techniques in relation to the Deepwater Horizon crisis by identifying the issues involved. Our different publics had different perspectives about the issue, and although all of them are active, each public played a different role in restoration process. First and foremost, British Petroleum’s Board of Directors were immediately notified so they could react to the crisis in a proactive way. The Board of Directors wanted to protect British Petroleum’s efforts to maintain a clean business model, as well as provide protection for investors involved with our organization. The image British Petroleum wishes to maintain is something the Board of Directors is focused
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