British Petroleum ( Bp ) Oil Company

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British Petroleum ( BP) Oil company, is one of the world 's biggest global oil company that has had a track record of continuously wrecking and damaging multiple economies. BP is based in London, it was founded in 1908, originated in the northern eastern hemisphere from Persia . BP merged with Amoco and works with Transocean,and Halliburton, BP has been at fault for quite a few oil leaks, explosions, Safety Lapses, refinery explosions, and the list goes on, and they have just repeatedly, falsely promised to to fix their mistakes and then pay for the damages and lawsuits ( Mouawad 1). On April 20, 2010 British petroleum was Deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for crude oil. All of a sudden when the BOP( blowout preventer )…show more content…
While it is true that British petroleum does pay for and take full responsibility for each of their mistakes, they still continued to damage environments and economies , and cut necessary costs to save themselves money. The first mistake BP does isth repeatedly damages our environment every time they have at they carelessly drilled without thinking about the effects if the drilling goes bad when they use outdated equipment or equipment that just didn 't work all together. From the 2010 oil spill it left “pelicans black with oil, fish belly-up in brown sludge, smothered turtles washed up on beaches, Strandings of both dolphins and sea turtles increased significantly in the years following the spill.”( Gulf Oil Spill) "From 2002 to 2009, the Gulf averaged 63 dolphin deaths a year. That rose to 125 in the seven months after the spill in 2010 and 335 in all of 2011, averaging more than 200 a year since April 2010.” ( Gulf Oil Spill). After an oil spill many of the fish and aquatic animals are forced to leave the area and usually don 't come back, or some will even get sick from either the oil or the chemicals (Achenbach, Mufson 1) . Once the fish and marine life is out of the ecosystem it is affects humans in the area, such as fishers who make a living off of fishing, and it affects everyone who need fish or other aquatic animals for their food supply , it could be their only food
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