British Petroleum Legal Practices And Ethical Responsibilities Within Its Corporation

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British Petroleum Legal Factors
British Petroleum is a multinational corporation that provides fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, and petrochemicals products for everyday items to its customers. It operates in more than 80 countries and produces approximately 3.2 million barrels of oil per day. Throughout the course of British Petroleum’s life cycle it has been involved in a number of legal dilemmas which related to environmental, safety, and political issues. The purpose of writing this report is to evaluate British Petroleum’s legal business practices and ethical responsibilities within its corporation. Evaluating multinational corporations are important for the overview of the company because any legal issues that may
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In 1990, Alyeska (Exxon and BP partnership) had legal documents leaked to the media discussing failure to contain spills which caused an undercover investigation to find the source of the leaked documents. After a seven month investigation nothing was found on the primary suspect Chuck Hamel, a congressional aid and oil broker for Alexandria, VA. Shortly after British Petroleum contractor, Doyon Drilling pleaded guilty to federal violation of the Clean Water Act by dumping hazardous materials down oil well shafts on the North Slope between years of 1993 to 1995. British Petroleum was convicted of insufficient reporting of the dumping as soon as they found out and was fined $500,000, placed on five years’ probation million. British Petroleum pleaded guilty in federal court in violation of another Clean Water Act. A second spill was discovered and upon investigation the pipeline was riddled with corrosion. This occurred because British Petroleum was trying to cut cost maintaining an aging oil field knowing that it would give out at any time. This crime cost British Petroleum $20 million in fines and restitution and three more years of probation. As a result of the shock and negative exposure of company’s name in the world market value has dropped dramatically since 2010.
British Petroleum has been fighting to shrink the responsibility and damages caused by the many disasters and even more
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