Essay On British Petroleum

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British Petroleum (PLC) and John Browne: A Culture of Risk Beyond Petroleum
Strayer BUS 519
October 30, 2011

Abstract The image as well as the operational business reputation of a corporation is critical to the survivability of the corporation in today’s business world. This reputation is even more critical when a business has is known globally with holdings and operations around the world. Such is the case with British Petroleum (BP) as it actively explores for oil in 26 countries around the world. BP is renowned as an industry leader in oil production and the refinement of oil related products such as gasoline, kerosene and motor oil products. In 1999, BP acquired American
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It is critically important that all of us are in agreement why we are meeting and the expected outcomes. Finally, as part of the agenda review, we will review a proposed list of attendees. These personnel may include representation from the director of field operations, land based facility safety, off shore facility safety, finance, public relations, marketing, legal operations, audit department, human resources and finally key members of the project team. The workshop will be two days in duration at an offsite conference center so the group can focus on the development of the risks that are relevant to this project and its deliverables. The agenda, beginning with day one will include introduction of all members to include the facilitator of our meeting. We will use a facilitator who is not a stakeholder so all participants are on a level playing ground with each other. Next we will confirm the objective of the project which is to draft an action plan to restore the reputation of BP Oil Company as a responsible world leader in the exploration and production of oil and oil products. We will then confirm the scope of the risk process of this work shop to include discussion of the risk management plan to include managing internal and external risk factors. At this point, the project manager will also provide the vision statement to the group to include expectations and anticipated results
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