British Petroleum 's External And Internal Environments

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British Petroleum’s External and Internal Environments
British Petroleum, BP, began as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in the beginning of the 1900’s. The founder, William D’Arcy, risked his entire fortune at the hopes that oil would be discovered in Persia. He was success on May 28, 1908. The business struggled in the early years, but ultimately found success. BP has become a global leader in the energy business. Beginning in 2000 and in the years to follow BP has focused not only on oil, but also on oil alternatives such as; solar, wind, natural gas, and biofuels (British Petroleum, 2015).
BP is best known as a global leader providing oil and gas to customers. They also produce lubricants for use with engines and
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This event resulted in the de-listing from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the FTSE4Good Index as well as cost millions for breaking these laws. As a result of being de-listed BP is focused on socially responsible investors. Shareholders and analyst are engaged through an annual meeting as well as webcast and one-to-one meetings. Carl Sandlin was appointed in 2012 to oversee and report the company’s progress in implementing the Bly report recommendations. The Bly report consists of 26 recommendations resulting from the Gulf of Mexico spill. In order for BP to be relisted, they must closely monitor not only how they operate but with whom they operate (BP, 2014).
The oil and gas industry are affected by political and legal regulations. In 2009, companies in this industry spent at least $154 million on lobbying. The investment in lobbyist is critical to the operation of businesses in this industry. The lobbyist works closely with law makers to help influence their decisions, hoping to allow laws to pass or not pass depending on the needs of the industry. They effectively stalled climate legislation in 2009 that would have driven energy cost higher and forced the oil companies to terminate employees (Mulkeron, 2010).
BP focuses their technology investment in areas that will make the greatest impact on their
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