British Petroleum's Corporate Philosophy and the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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In terms of依据 MNE corporate philosophy企业理念 and stakeholder strategy BP has been “ranked as被认为 one of the more environmentally responsive环保响应 and socially aware社会意识 companies” Rugman and Collingson (2006, 4th Ed, p635). Explore this ranking in the light of根据,鉴于,依据 recent events in the Gulf of Mexico. 1. Explain MNE corporate philosophy. How BP work in MNE 2. Explain what is stakeholder strategy, what it is, what is BP’s stakeholder strategy, how it gonna work in the Gulf of Mexico. 3. According to BP’s environmentally responsive and socially aware, BP how to respond the events in Gulf of Mexico.

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One characteristic of MNEs is that their affiliates must be responsive to a number of important environmental forces, such as competitors, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, and government. In some case different force are work in home country and host country. For example, BP’ staple market is Europe, according to the characteristic of modern oil industry development, most country’s energy sources were controlled by MNE. The multinational corporation, such as BP , could get all industry chain’s profit. But in China, BP only invested in petroleum’s downstream field and the derivatives in derivatives. Base on the policy of China government, it is not allowed MNE to mining for oil in China. Even though Bp entered China in the 70s but the major core business is natural gas manufacturing, generate electricity to petrochemical complex and oils sales in China. The main reason for BP could not mining oil in China is MNE must cooperate with China oil industry and holding by the Chinese side. Actually, BP did not agree with the control power but BP entered China as joint venture enterprise with Sinopec and CNPC (China National Petroleum Cooporation) to solve the difficult position.
A second characteristic of an MNE is that it draws on a common pool of resources, including assets, patents, trademarks, information, and human resources. That means all affiliates belong to same company, they

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