British Petroleum's Crisis Handling Practice

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INTRODUCTION In 2010 British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon oilrig1 suffered a devastating explosion that resulted in the death of 11 workers and initiated the largest marine oil spill the world had or has ever seen (Pallardry). This spill also became the largest offshore environmental disaster in United States history (Elliot). Over 200 million gallons of crude oil were pumped into the Gulf of Mexico (Hoch), polluting over 16,000 coastal miles in the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas (Mackey). The spill and subsequent coastal pollution impacted the environment negatively, causing harm to natural resources and especially wildlife, the affects of which are still being witnessed today (Elliot). The surrounding…show more content…
The organization is able to produce over 3 millions barrels of oil per day, which contributes to the company’s $227 billion valuation (BP at a Glance). THE EXPLOSION AND SPILL The Deepwater Horizon oilrig was leased to British Petroleum, but was owned by offshore oil drilling company Transocean (Pallardry). On April 20, 2010 a large buildup of natural gas erupted from a concrete core that was used to seal an oil well for later use. The presence of this gas leak ignited a massive explosion. The most immediate impact of the event from April 20th was the loss of life for 11 workers of the rig, and the injuries to 17 others. The fire on the rig burned until April 22, when the damage became so severe that the rig sank. It was at this time that the crippling Deep Horizon initiated the oil spill that would last until September of that same year (Pallardry). From April through September 2010, oil poured into the Gulf at an estimated 60,000 gallons per day. Throughout the months in between, many efforts were made in attempt to halt the gushing oil, however all proved unsuccessful (Pallardry). It was not until September 17 that an effort known as “BottomKill”, which involved pumping cement through an oil relief well4 was finally able to stop the oil from leaking into the ocean. From here out, efforts were focused on the incredible task of cleaning (Pallardry). CLEANUP EFFORTS Following the
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