British Petrolium

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Executive Summery
British petroleum is one of the largest oil and gas company which is spread within eighty countries and across six continents. In this project we are going to talk about BP on the whole. We will apply frameworks such as pestel, potters five forces, value chain, ansoffs matrix, the bcg matrix and also the SWOT and TOWS matrix to see where BP stands in the market. Will also talk about the competitive advantage it has got and how are they making use of it in the market. BP also dominates in the downstream market and has its own supply chains. The oil reserves are soon declining hence BP is looking into alternative sources of energies. We will also talk about the current strategies of British petroleum
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The support process helps the primary business process in its functioning. Firm Infrastructure goes with the inbound logistics, the human resource available goes with the operations the technology of BP helps in its out bound logistics and the procurement is done the marketing and sales is done and then services.


VALUE – BP is financially very strong and its spread over eighty countries across six continents. BP is also financially very
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